Inner Beauty. Outer Glow

I am so excited to be embarking on a new adventure. Born from my own personal journey and the almost 30 years of experience making women look & feel great. Starting with a one day mini retreat / workshop, and moving into 2 & 3 day Retreats as well as seminars, workshops and tutorials in 2021. Follow our Facebook page & group to keep up to date on all the exciting new happenings.

Inner Beauty. Outer Glow

When we look good, we feel good

But when we feel good, we look AMAZING

The journey of self care begins here.

Join us for a fun and joy-full day of connecting, learning, playing & creating. Dive deep to find the treasure that lays in a life filled with small moments of joy, learn how to stop searching for the “events” that may bring you happiness. Find them in & around you, always.


An interactive, immersive & light hearted 1 day retreat to awaken your inner beauty and enhance your outer glow by discovering (or rediscovering) the things that bring you joy.

To witness & acknowledge other women, and draw comfort from “you are not alone”.

To give and receive – Support, Love & Nurturing

Sunday 4th July 2021

9 am to 5 pm

The Royal Exchange (REX Theatre) 34 Bolton St, Newcastle NSW

Includes delicious lunch and treats, a divine gift bag and exclusive offers.


Limited numbers. Social distancing and Covid restrictions apply.

To book:

    Phone: 0413 112056

    Online: here

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