Inner Beauty. Outer Glow

I am so excited to be embarking on a new adventure. Born from my own personal journey and the almost 30 years of experience making women look & feel great. Starting with a one day mini retreat / workshop, and moving into 2 & 3 day Retreats as well as seminars, workshops and tutorials in 2021. Follow our Facebook page & group to keep up to date on all the exciting new happenings

The first Retreat 15th November 2020

Inner Beauty. Outer Glow

When we feel good, we look good

When we look good, we feel good

The journey of self care begins here.

A one day retreat to reconnect to the parts of you that you miss the most, or perhaps haven’t even found yet.

To discover your inner beauty and enhance your outer glow.

To learn from wellbeing experts, about the undeniable connection between inner health, both physical & mental, and outer radiance.        How we look & feel, how we react and relate, how we feed and nourish our body.

To witness & acknowledge other women, and draw comfort from “you are not alone”.

To give and receive – Support, Love & Nurturing

Receive guidance and tools to navigate your way through this journey, with meditation, embodiment & journaling.

Learn hair, skin & body care plus invaluable makeup application tips & recommendations.

15th November 2020

9.30am to 4.30pm

The Hamilton Community Hive, 150 Beaumont St, Hamilton

Includes delicious lunch and treats, a divine gift bag and exclusive offers.


Limited numbers. Social distancing and Covid restrictions apply.

To book:

    Phone: 0413 112056


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