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The Brave Origin Story.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Rachel, the Founder and Creative Director of Brave Cosmetics, Holistic Hairstylist, MakeUp Artist, Energetic Healer and self confessed Spiritual Bohemian (aka Woo Woo).

Here’s a little of my story.

In 2003, after a hiatus from hairdressing to work as a Colour Technician for Matrix, I embarked on my journey as a salon owner in East Maitland & Pokolbin NSW, with dreams of expanding across the region. With passion for wedding hair and makeup, I thrived, catering to over 1000 bridal parties. However, life took unexpected turns when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, coinciding with my surprise pregnancy and financial challenges in the business.

My mother’s illness shed light on the toxicity of a high number of beauty products, inspiring a shift towards natural alternatives. Transitioning to toxin-free options became my mission, culminating in the birth of Brave Cosmetics. Named in honour of my mother and reflective of my own personal journey, Brave represents finding the beauty within and courage through authenticity.

Retiring from the wedding industry in 2015, I focused on crafting Brave Cosmetics, aiming for high-quality, toxin-free products that enhance inner and outer beauty. My vision is to empower women to embrace their authenticity and radiate confidence with every application. 

Brave Cosmetics was birthed in 2010 with one product & a desire to deliver a high quality, top performing, safe & natural makeup product. I have spent the last 14 years curating & creating the range to be exactly that. Ethical ingredients that are sourced globally & manufactured under strict Australian Standards following the E.U guidelines for safe & non toxic formulations.

We believe it is your inner beauty that makes you glow, Brave Cosmetics is here to simply help you shine brighter.

In a world that can make you feel that you aren’t enough, Brave exists to show you are beautiful & perfect just the way you are.

Be Brave…. Be You.

What started as a deeply personal and raw conversation.
Then became the theme song for the hardest farewell I’ve ever faced.
Which then led to a tattoo which was the catalyst for conversation and grieving.
Next it became the inspiration for the life I desired.
Blossoming into the name and motivation for a range of products.
Evolving into the branding of all I now do.
Growing, healing and expanding.
My commitment to her legacy and my own.
Be Brave.

Rachel Davis 2024